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 Broken Smartphone?

  • Glass and screen damage ?

  • We repair to the best conditions in the shortest time !

  • Fixed prices. No hidden costs !

  • Certified specialist workshop !

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The Handy Shop Wiesbaden has been offering a wide range and a first-class cell phone service since 2008.

We present a comprehensive range of mobile devices and accessories in a modern and customer-friendly way.

Our success over the years is due to our loyal customer base and, above all, to our dedicated employees, some of whom have accompanied and supported us since their inception.

Our employees are active in the fields of customer advice, service, repair and software installation (mobile phone, navigation, laptop and game consoles).

Each team member has his specialty. Thereby we complement each other ideally. Our customers benefit not only from our specialist knowledge, but also from our teamwork. This enables us to handle the most varied orders reliably and competently.


Do you have a defect problem with your iPhone?

Does your home button not work properly anymore? Is the disc cracked or the rear shell broken? That’s no problem for our “mobile phone doctor”.

Does your phone no longer work after a fall? Doesn’t it charge anymore? Don’t you hear anymore? Then you are exactly right here.

We do software updates for you, and make a backup copy of your device so you can keep all your contacts, pictures, SMS & notes. We also do a “jailbreak” as it is known in the iPhone scene.

Do you have any other problems with any of your Apple products? No problem, we can do that too.


Handy Shop, Faulbrunnen Strasse 8, 65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 0611 160 25 60