The WAWI Chocolate World

The best things you can make out of chocolate.

Many have known them since their childhood – the traditional brands WAWI, Nappo and Moritz.
Each one has a completely unique and unmistakable taste. But all three have one thing in common: the use of the best ingredients and the manufacture in accordance with the tradition of old chocolatiers.

WAWI – Probably the lightest chocolate in the world.

Enjoy the heavenly variety

The delicious chocolate ideas from WAWI cater for every taste and every occasion. Most of them are available all year round and a few are only available at Easter and Christmas.

Nappo – Delicious Dutch Nougat.

Extra-long, extra-chewy enjoyment

Enrobed in the finest dark chocolate, Nappo provides extra-long, extra-chewy enjoyment. The classic confectionery has been manufactured using the same recipe since 1925 and will trigger memories of your childhood.

In addition to the hard classic, Nappo Soft and Nappo Frucht are today also increasing in popularity.

Moritz – Ice-cold enjoyment that melts in the mouth.

Cool Chocolate

For almost 80 years, Moritz Eiskonfekt has been popular with sweet lovers big and small thanks to its melt-in-the-mouth consistency.

Connoisseurs eat it straight from the fridge so that its incomparably cool taste can ideally unfold.

The Palatinate from its chocolate side.

WAWI Schoko-Welt – Pirmasens

Unterer Sommerwaldweg 19-20
66953 Pirmasens

Telephone: +49 (0)6331 239990
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Experience the nature of the Palatinate, its history, its cooking and its wine. And get to know the Palatinate from its chocolate side. Because an outing to the WAWI Schoko-Welt will undoubtedly be highly enjoyable.

You can visit the WAWI Schoko-Welt from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as a private person or with a group. Free admission. The duration of your visit is approx. 90 minutes. Please pre-order your desired lunches by telephone.

Visit us in our WAWI SCHOKO-WELT on Sundays
We will open from 11:00 to 16:00 o’clock at the following dates:
11 March 2012, 18 March 2012, 25 March 2012, 01 April 2012

Visit the WAWI’s glass production, the chocolate museum, the museum shop and the WAWI cafeteria.

The WAWI Schoko-Welt is not only suitable for club and company outings and can include a champagne reception and guided tour if desired. It is also suitable for private people who want to celebrate a children’s birthday – stylishly with children’s decorations, personal birthday cake or a chocolate fondue.

Please inform us of your visit to the WAWI Schoko-Welt by email: aswawi@aol.com or by telephone: +49 (0)6331 239990.

The WAWI team is already looking forward to your visit.

An experience: the glass production

You can not only taste, but also see WAWI’s love of chocolate. In WAWI’s glass production you can experience up close how chocolate figures are hand-crafted to become irresistibly delicious.

Interesting facts: the Chocolate Museum

In the small, but entertaining Chocolate Museum, you can learn interesting facts on the history of WAWI, on chocolate and its manufacture and on the history of the most common chocolate figures.

Enjoyable: WAWI museum shop

Fresh chocolate is one of WAWI’s specialities. And in the museum shop, you can enjoy a wide selection of chocolate specialities, as well as a particularly relaxed shopping atmosphere.

Cosy relaxation: the WAWI cafeteria

In addition to breakfast, coffee and cake, light lunches can also be pre-ordered from the cafeteria.

The finest chocolate from our own factory

We process quality cocoa from the world’s finest cultivation regions with our partner company Fuchs & Hoffmann to create the finest chocolate.