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Motorsport for Everyone – since 1985

Motorbike race training and advanced rider training in Europe.

With more than 10,000 participants per year and more than 30 years of experience, Speer Racing is Europe’s leading provider of motorcycle race training and rider safety training. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, experienced or a hobby race driver – we pick you up at your performance level and quickly make you better. And that does not happen just anywhere; it happens on Europe’s most beautiful racetracks.

It all started in 1985, when Herbert Speer became the first sports rider in Germany to open up the race track to riders with their own motorbikes, backed up with the full support of racing professionals. Working in partnership with David Fuchs, Herbert Speer now heads up a complete team of enthusiastic professionals, enabling over 10,000 motorcycling enthusiasts to take to some of the most thrilling race tracks in Europe. His focus throughout lies in customer service, safety and plenty of fun in the saddle.

Cup Event | The Elite Class

Things don’t get any better than our flagship Cup Events. Six dates a year, on some of the top race tracks in the whole of Europe. This is where experienced amateur racers get together, keen to practise their sport at the highest level: highly competitive sportspeople, always fair and friendly, ride the ride of their lives for a winning position – often a matter of a tenth of a second. The Power Cup and the Euro Cup always take place, so of course do the sprint and GP racing, open to all participants of the event. Added to these, there is technical support at the highest level, with an infrastructure that is never less than perfect. But this is definitely not something for race (track) novices.

Race Training | Fame and Honour

Speer Racing training offers you three days of unadulterated racing, with everything that goes with it: free training, qualifying, and thrilling racing in the different categories. Competitive amateur racers with a lot of racing experience meet to pit their skills against each other, and enjoy some friendly socialising off the track.

Sports Rider Training | Later – Quicker – Earlier

Our sports rider training is above all about one thing: experiencing the thrill of a lot of laps, at speed, on fabulous race tracks. Every year, Speer Racing offers numerous one or two-day sports rider training sessions on modern safe race tracks. This is a chance for riders with a lot of race track experience to enjoy racing at full throttle and gain experience without an instructor breathing down their necks.

Toni Mang Training | Sports Rider Enjoyment In An Informal Atmosphere

Who should sign up for Toni Mang training? Simple! Aspiring sports riders with a good deal of race track experience but not much ambition to race. You can have great fun working on your own riding style, under no pressure, in groups of riders of a similar level of skill (the safest way), and if you so wish, you can have some expert guidance from experienced instructors. The concept was developed by Toni Mang himself, and Speer Racing has been organizing the events since 2008.

Instructed Training | Where is the racing line – and how do you find it?

During Instructor-Led Training we give you a solid grounding in racing technique in preparation for Sports Driver training and Race Training. Participants receive instruction in small groups, looking at different ways to gradually increase the speed of turns, how to find the right braking point, spotting the right turn-in point, and, above all, how to develop a good eye for the racing line.

Getting Started | Gateway to a new world

Our Getting Started programme was set up specially for people with no or very little experience on the race track. We allow you to hone your skills. Come and discuss the theory of track racing with expert instructors. These one-day sessions take place on long-established tracks as part of instructor-led training and sports rider training. This way, you get a whiff of real racing atmosphere in between practice. Of course you also have plenty of opportunity to socialise with other riders in the pit lane.

Safe Driving Training | First steps: the easy part

Nothing can replace riding experience – except more riding experience. The aim of Advanced Rider Training is to develop your driving skills in a safe and stress-free environment while providing you with exposure to normal race traffic. You’re also given a chance to open up the throttle on the track. All makes of motorbikes are welcome on this type of training as our main objective is to show you how to handle your own bike safely under realistic conditions.

Training For Motorists | 2 Hours, 4 Wheels

If you’d also like to open up the throttle on four wheels but don’t want to book a whole day’s training session, you can still get your money’s worth with Speer Racing. We stage a number of evening events during the summer months to allow car drivers to step on the gas on the grand prix track at Hockenheim. Sessions last from 6 to 8pm. These events are an ideal opportunity for drivers of fast cars (with an approved vehicle) to take to the track and gradually push things to the limit, under the full supervision of track officials.

Gunti Racing | Adventure playground for a week

Are you an experienced sports rider really keen to have a lot of free riding time without being part of a group? If so, the Gunti racing week in Brno is exactly what you’re looking for. This popular event is steeped in tradition; it’s been organized by Speer Racing since 2008. Our great 6 day event in Brno in the Czech Republic is a high point for enthusiastic motorcyclists: pure race track action in a friendly sporting atmosphere. In addition to plenty of time for free riding, this includes the daily Top 50 Turn for the fastest riders, sprint races in various classes, the traditional barbecue in the middle of the week, the popular children’s races in the paddock and lots more – just take a look at the schedule to gain the full picture.

Monday Training

Monday training sessions are short, demanding events, which follow the pattern of our sports rider training sessions. Each training session runs from approx 5 pm to 8 pm (please note the schedule), and are designed for talented sports riders who want to gain experience on the race track regularly throughout the summer. The training is carried out under “race conditions”, and includes work on the set-up of the machines. Less-experienced pilots will be out of their depth. Monday training is therefore not suitable for beginners or novices.

Rookie Camp | From rookie to racer in 72 hours

The Rookie Camp lasts 3 days and takes place during the Brno racing week. At the camp, Speer Racing offers intensive beginners’ courses for aspiring racing enthusiasts. The camp is ideal for all racing enthusiasts with previous racetrack experience who can handle high performance bikes safely.

PowerCup / EuroCup | Elite Class(es) – PowerCup and EuroSpeerCup600

There’s a whole season of racing to be enjoyed with our Cups, just like the major events. The heats for the arcuoso Power Cup and the Euro Speer Cup are run on six fabulous international race tracks. Riders in the Cups are divided into different proficiency groups. While in the Speer Racing Power Cup you have free choice of engine size and motorbike, with the Euro Speer Cup, the engine size is 600 cc. However, only four-stroke engines without open motorcycle GP or IDM exhaust system are allowed.

Endurance Cup | For long-distance riders

Endurance racing is a real team experience, not only for the riders, but also for the helpers and support team. These races are extremely popular.

The Speer Racing programme also includes this experience – the legendary 300 mile Hockenheim race has recently gained an almost cult status, as has the 3 hour race in Brno at the end of the Gunti Racing week in August. Many riders have competed in both races – just for fun.

We have decided to increase the offer to 3 races, and combine all the endurance races we offer in one championship – the Endurance Cup.

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