Long Night Arts


Long Night of the Arts in Kaiserslautern

Saturday June 29

The ‘Long Night of the Arts’ in the City of Kaiserslautern, one of the annual top events in the cultural scene of the Rhineland-Palatinate. Every year, umpteen thousands of culture-interested people of all generations visit this live event. Over 500 artists and amateur groups from the regional arts scene and numerous artists, renowned throughout the Federal Republic, take part.

Throughout the night, Kaiserslautern becomes the cultural centre of the region of South-Western Germany. Thanks to the support of numerous sponsors, promoters and partners, this top event will take place for the 18’th time this year.

More than a hundred programme items will be offered in short time-windows and at more than 20 locations, such as the Japanese Garden, the Fruchthalle, the Pfalztheater, the Pfalzgalerie Museum, the Kaiserslautern SWR Studio, the Theodor Zink Museum/Wadgasserhof, the Union Film Art Studio, the Emmerich Smola School of Music and Music Academy, the bookshop ‘Blaue Blume’, the Galerie Wack, the Architecture Galerie, the Artists’ Work Community, the Cardinale, the Frankelbach Wood Workshop, the WebEnd, the Irish Pub, and various churches and hotels in Kaiserslautern. They are all linked in a network of the new edition of this culture form especially developed for the City of Kaiserslautern. In front of the Stiftskirche, the results of the Palatinate Song Contest will be presented by RPR1, and on the lawn in front of the Pfalztheater the Pirmasens Youth Arts Workshop offers an arts programme for young people to join in: two new cooperation projects by the Office of Arts together with the “Region of the Future Western Palatinate e.V.”

Anyone wishing to decide quite specifically where to go, where to meet friends or what not to miss at all costs, can plan and produce their own personal ‘Long Night of the Arts’ quite individually. The comprehensive programme brochure, available at all advance ticket sales locations offers a complete survey. All contributions are numbered in the brochure, so that visitors can put together their ‘Long Night of the Arts’ in Kaiserslautern completely after their own tastes and can arrange to meet friends with the same preferences at the programme numbers of their own choice.

But at the same time, the ‘Long Night of the Arts’ offers the chance of simply letting yourself go, out of the everyday, and to stroll from one location to the next – spontaneous meetings quite under the sign of culture.

The ‘Long Night of the Arts’ is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Further Education and the Arts of the State of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

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