Dynamikum Science Center – Pirmasens

Tinkering, experimenting and lots of fun

Welcome to the Dynamikum

Who doesn’t know museums where you have to walk through the exhibition in total silence and can only look at everything from a distance? In the Dynamikum in Pirmasens things are a lot different! In the first Rhineland-Palatinate Science Centre the idea is namely to get your hands on the 160 exhibits and try them out to your heart’s content to see what fascinating phenomenon from science and technology is behind them.

The overall theme is “movement” – whether in the sense of “get things moving” or “move yourself”. And so there are loads of great things to discover on the total area of 4,000 m²: Who would like to race with an elephant? Ever tried to tame an unruly suitcase? Can you make sound visible?

Bridging the gap between inside and outside

In the Strecktal Nature Park immediately adjacent to the Pirmasens Science Centre thirteen outdoor exhibits were unveiled in early May 2014. This allows visitors of all ages to investigate, discover and try out for themselves lots of exciting scientific phenomena outside as well, in particular the subject of vertical draft – and, if they wish, in sporting combination with the DiscGolf course in the Strecktal valley successfully launched in 2012, on whose fairway the weather-resistant and rust-free exhibits are ideally integrated into the landscape.

Children’s birthday parties

Birthday celebrations at the Dynamikum

The Dynamikum is the ideal place for a birthday party: over 160 experimental stations invite you to fiddle around and try things out, and along the way researchers of all ages learn many exciting things from the wide world of science in a playful way! An unforgettable day is guaranteed!

Pure Dynamikum

You are visiting the Dynamikum as a small group
As a registered group you get an introduction by the Dynamikum staff: the children are welcomed and explore one exhibit of the exhibition together with the exhibition guide. After that you can continue the visit however you wish.


Regular admission: usually admission for a birthday group is cheapest with the Plus ticket at € 23.00 for two adults and a child. Each additional child in the birthday group then only pays € 5.50 admission. The birthday child will receive free admission.

Eat in the cafeteria

The birthday group can take a break in our Café Pudelwohl.
We always have a wide range of baked goods, salads, snacks, ice cream and drinks available. Our recommendation: go to the cafeteria at the beginning of your visit and discuss with the cafeteria staff what time you want to eat and what you want to have. Then you can be sure everything is ready in time for the “movement break”.

The visitor areas of the Café Pudelwohl cannot be reserved.
Optional extra: birthday table at the Dynamikum
We will be happy to set a table in the cafeteria area exclusively for you.

Important: early registration
We ask you to register at least 10 days in advance so we can make all preparations for a successful birthday at the Dynamikum.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 to 18:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – 10:00 to 18:00
The Dynamikum remains closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

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